Transient Protection Design

TPD, Transient Protection Design, offers surge protection solutions for residential and commercial properties. Yusen Associates is proud to work with TPD to reduce the risk of maintenance and report, decrease equipment downtime, and to increase equipment lifetime.

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TPD systems are designed to protect a facility’s data, power and grounds that support mission-critical components. Electrical disturbances cost North American companies more than $26 billion annually. This is primarily caused by system incompatibility. Modern equipment, such as computers, electronic power suppliers, printers, and sensitive silicon-based microchips, combined with traditional electrical systems can cause disaster and liability issues.

Properly designed TPD systems solve a vast array of electrical failures in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. These solutions reduce a facility’s downtime. Furthermore, TPD offers power quality professionals to assess the power quality risk and design a solution for each individual facility’s requirements. TPD power systems protect all copper lines going in and out of homes and businesses.

Transient Protection Designs’ systems protect a company’s equipment investment from expensive repairs due to frequent electrical noises and transients. They also reduce equipment lockup, downtime, glitches, and insurance and liability risk. TPD systems suppress and neutralize potentially damaging spikes in power, which increases the reliability of the equipment, and helps maximize the return on investment. TPD products have a 25-year commercial warranty and a lifetime residential free replacement warranty.

Electricians working with TPD systems will improve the operating efficiency and reliability of electrical systems.

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