Yusen Associates offers Warmup’s radiant heating systems and smart controls to deliver comfort under any type of flooring and to provide increased efficiency. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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Founded more than 25 years ago, Warmup is a UK based manufacturing company and a knowledge and research driven business. They focus on developing innovative heating solutions that are energy efficient. Warmup is proud to offer high quality products and provide the toughest, dual-fluoropolymer, thin heating wire on the market. Not only will it not raise floor levels, but it also meets the highest safety standards for electric underfloor heating. Furthermore, their wet underfloor heating systems come fully designed, with high-quality components and controls ready for installation in a variety of configurations and components.

Warmup’s products include heated floors, thermostats, bathroom collections, and snow melting systems. They offer both electric systems and floor insulation for heated floors. Warmup’s thermostats are either 6iE Smart or 4iE Smart. Furthermore, if your clients want mirror defoggers or towel warmers, Warmup offers a variety of choices. Finally, Warmup provides a variety of snow melting systems, such as heated driveways, heated walkways, roof deicing, and pipe freeze protection.

Thanks to their investment in Research and Development, Warmup is able to predict upcoming industry trends and technological developments. This allows contractors, electricians, and builders fast access to the latest developments with underfloor heating design, energy efficiency, and reducing CO2 emissions.

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