Yusen Associates works with Curri to provide the logistics and delivery support so that contractors can get the materials they need, when they need them. Contact us to learn how we can help you today.

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Curri is an all-in-one logistics platform to help distributors move their materials quickly, reliably, and professionally. A professional delivery service, Curri is committed to delivering their customers’ materials on-time and to offering affordable options. Curri works with distributors, retailers, and outdoor contractors to get them the materials they need–on time and within budget.

Co-founded by Matt Lafferty and Brian Gonzalez, Curri works to solve one of the biggest problems for local construction suppliers who lose business due to an inability to deliver materials to contractors when they need it. Furthermore, the company pledges that it saves its customers roughly half the cost of deploying an in-house fleet for delivery by providing a solution as a logistics and delivery service.

Curri’s professional fleet can deliver materials of all sizes and offers resources, such as pallet jacks, life gates, and stake beds, to help their customers exceed their clients’ expectations. Furthermore, Curri is proud that their clients save on operating costs, such as fleet insurance and maintenance. They also have tools and technology to be able to communicate when supplies will arrive.

Curri offers customers its entire fleet, which is made up of a range of delivery vehicles, such as box trucks, flatbeds, pickups, bobtails, sedans, and more. Customers can order the size of the vehicle they require for each specific job, thus only having to spend whatever is necessary to get the job done and delivered on time.

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