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Edwards Signaling offers automation signaling that comes with innovative features to meet a range of signaling application needs and requirements. Along with a history of product innovation and technical leadership, Edwards provides complete factory solutions.

Founded by Robert Edwards and David Rousseau in 1872, The Edwards Company has a rich history of innovative ideas and accomplishments. When it was first founded, Edwards and Rosseau manufactured, sold, and installed battery-operated gas-fixture igniters. Over the course of the next 20 years, the Edwards company developed electric doorbells, electric door opener, burglar alarms, electrically wound clocks, and electric gas burner lighter for push-button operations. At the end of the 19th century, in 1896, Edwards stopped installing electrical devices and focused on the design and manufacture of signaling, communications, and protection equipment. Their products, from heat and smoke detectors to sensor technology, have been used for the New York Stock Exchange bell, submarines, tunnels, fire stations, ships, ferries, and more. The vast array of products that Edwards Signaling offers in the 21st century celebrate its history of designing and constructing gas fixture igniters, electric bells, and program systems over 100 years ago.

Edwards Signaling offers a complete catalog of electronic audible and visual signals for indoor, outdoor, and hazardous locations. More specifically, the company offers products for two-line Workstation Message Centers, industrial weatherproof and marine-rated hazardous location beacons, Chameleon LED multi-status indicators, and outdoor-rated hazardous location bells and horns. Furthermore, Edwards offers a comprehensive line of fire alarms, appliances, panels, door holders, door releases, contact devices, and annunciators.

Edwards’ quality and innovation have earned the company the largest Industrial, OEM and Commercial installed base in their market. In fact, Edwards Signaling products’ specifications have become the industry standard. Whether you have a small office or commercial space, or a more hazardous location like a chemical plant, Yusen Associations is proud to work with Edwards Signaling to provide the right signal for all your requirements.

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