Prime Conduit

Yusen Associates works with Prime Conduit to provide superior conduit products for the electrical, telecommunications, and utility markets. Contact us to learn how we can help you today.

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Prime Conduit offers a range of conduit products to assist engineers, suppliers, and contractors with their industrial and commercial projects. Key products include a variety of ducts, such as P&C ducts, split ducts, and telephone ducts. Furthermore, Prime Conduit offers Intra-Gard products; this multi-cell raceway system is used to direct bury and concrete encased applications. Multi-Gard, on the other hand, is a multi-cell raceway system designed for the telecommunications and utility industries; it is manufactured in 20-foot lengths for easy handling and transportation. Prime Conduit offers PV Molds, which are non-metallic pole riser systems that protect communication power cables that are installed on poles. Finally, Prime Conduit provides a range of PVC molded fittings and conduit accessories for use with Schedule 80 Conduit, Schedule 40 Conduit, P&C Duct, and Telephone Duct.

Yusen Associates partners with Prime Conduit to offer this range of products and services to contractors and supplies to get their jobs done right and on time.

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