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Kidde is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fire safety products. Founded by Walter Kidde in 1917, a pioneer in fire suppression and early smoke detection, Kidde works to continue the founder’s legacy of innovation by providing advanced solutions to protect people and property from fire and related dangers.

Over 100 years ago, Walter Kidde manufactured the first integrated smoke detection and carbon dioxide extinguishing system for ships. Now, Kidde products are found around the world to help prevent injuries and minimize fire damage. For example, Kidde’s fire extinguishers help people stop the spread of fires. Kidde’s escape ladders, as well as other safety accessories, provide safe access to the outdoors and peace of mind for homeowners and business owners. Furthermore, Kidde offers security solutions for safety as well as convenience. Kidde is committed to producing technology that saves lives.

In addition to offering superior equipment and technology, Kidde is also committed to fire safety education as its employees share their experiences and resources around the world. For example, Kidde employees equip fire and life safety professionals with tools and lesson plans to inform people about fire safety tactics. Kidde customers also have access to up-to-date fire- and carbon monoxide-related laws and legislation to make their homes and businesses safe and up to code.

Kidde’s mission is to provide solutions to protect people and property from the effects of fire and its related hazards; they commit to this mission through six key pillars of their business. Kidde focuses on quality, performance, responsibility, innovation, customer care, and employee opportunity. For more than 100 years, industry leaders, homeowners, firefighters, the military, and airlines have turned to Kidde for their fire safety needs.

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