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Since 1995, ICI has developed unprecedented technology to offer customers the best thermal cameras and infrared systems. Their mission is to develop and manufacture the most sensitive, accurate, and competitively priced infrared cameras in the world.

Founded in 1995 by a US Veteran as Texas Infrared, ICI developed a 7320 P-Series camera that was included in NASA Tech Briefs in 2009. In 2014, its 9320 Series cameras were launched, followed only 2 years later by the launch of its 8000 series cameras. In the last 5 years, ICI has developed and sold its FMX series cameras, as well as founded its sister company Infrared Inspections LLC and acquired Digatherm.

ICI offers a variety of products that have revolutionized work across the following industries: medical, industrial, electrical, agricultural, process control, and arial. Thermal cameras are flexible technology tools that help develop safety and efficiency. For example, thermal images provide physical evidence that something isn’t right in a home or commercial building, such as leaks or hot spots. Infrared cameras help the energy industry by identifying invisible energy or gas, which prevents potential damage. Thermal imagers can monitor mechanical and electrical equipment, including pressure vessels, weld monitoring, plastic injector molding, glassware manufacturing, and more. Furthermore, thermal imaging cameras can create an infrared image of the human body, to help the medical industry advance its practices, while they also are essential to search and rescue teams to aid with quick and informed decisions.

ICI tailors superior thermal imaging cameras to their clients’ specific needs, such as inspecting homes for real estate sales, detecting invisible gas leaks, or offering temperature screening for all occupants of a building. Their SmartIR-enabled thermal imaging solutions provide warnings to organizations before critical assets fail, which helps avoid operational downtime, improve predictive maintenance, and prevent safety incidents.

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