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C-Port initially dates back to 1965 when Murray Krovats started the business with a rooftop equipment support system. His son, Neil Krovats purchased the company from his father in 1986 and while remaining true to the mission, expanded the product line to offer support products for over 20 different models and 70 different size applications. As an industry leader, C-Port products are applicable towards Leadership in Environment and Energy Design (LEED) credits, but more importantly for electrical companies and contractors, these reliable products do not charge a premium price. In fact, C-Port was named Product of the Year in their category by ECM (Electrical Contractor and Manager) Magazine and was in the running for overall Product of the Year. They believe that customers desire high quality, innovative design and a competitive price tag and made it their mission to deliver on that promise.

Known as one of the top choices globally for electricians, C-Port builds support systems for electrical conduits, along with roof walkways, HVAC systems, solar racking, gas and refrigeration and more. Plus, with a 10 year limited warranty on all of their products, electrical teams and contractors know they can count on C-Port products to deliver when they need a reliable support solution. Additionally, C-Port products are made of 100% recycled rubber that do not require supplemental padding and may contribute to LEED credits.

Yusen Associates is proud to work directly with C-Port to provide high-quality electrical conduit support products and more to ensure industry professionals complete high-quality, sustainable, projects.

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