Yusen Associates is proud to partner with Ouellet Electric Heating, which designs, manufactures, distributes, and markets custom, distinctive, and standard electric heating products.

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Ouellet Canada was founded in 1960 as a small backyard business by Charles-Emile Ouellet, a Quebec native. The company produced its first electric baseboard heater in 1967, and 20 years later expanded its sales territory into the United States and produced its one millionth baseboard heater. In 1992, Ouellet began to export its products internationally and in the last 15 years has worked to acquire similar companies to offer a vast range of heating solutions. Ouellet Canada is known for its ability to provide products that meet customers’ needs and that exceed their expectations.

Ouellet offers a range of residential, commercial, and industrial electric heating products, as well as thermostats and controls. Residential products include baseboard heaters, electric furnaces, convectors, heat pumps, and more. Commercial products range from air curtains to hand dryers to radiant heaters, and more. Furthermore, industrial products include explosion proof heaters and unit heaters, along with other key products. Ouellet also offers a range of controls, such as smart controls and explosion-proof controls, as well as mechanical thermostats.

Ouellet implements measurable quality objectives to ensure compliance with their quality and safety requirements. Their management allocates resources to maintain and improve management and monitoring processes; their systems are audited to ensure that they meet and exceed ISO9001 standards.

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