Universal Douglas

Yusen Associates works with Universal Douglas to provide LED updates and lighting controls for retail, office, industrial, and healthcare spaces. Contact us to learn how we can help you today.

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Universal Douglas manufactures and commercializes lighting solutions for a variety of spaces. They offer customers with LED products for connected lighting, centralized/ decentralized digital lighting control systems, upgrades, retrofits, and IoT digital services integration.

With 75 years of experience, Universal Douglas helps customers create an end-to-end vertical lighting ecosystem. For example, in the retail industry, Universal Douglas can upgrade spaces from fluorescent to LED technology for energy saving with less maintenance costs and increased brightness and comfort for customers. Hospitals require improved lighting for comfort and equipment, as well as modernization without higher costs; Universal Douglas can help retrofit hospitals and medical centers for increased safety and energy savings. For office and/or industrial spaces, employees and visitors can have real-time indoor positioning, digital maps, augmented reality, and turn-by-turn navigation thanks to Universal Douglas.

Universal Douglas offers a range of products, no matter the client’s lighting needs. For example, they offer LED Drivers, LED Modules, LED Luminaires, LED Retrofit Kits, LED Tubes, controls, and a range of HID, Sign, and CFL ballast products for easy ballast replacement.

Universal Douglas offers reliable and innovative lighting solutions for all of your clients’ requests.

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Freight and Payment Terms

  • Payment Terms: 2%, 30 days; Net 45 days
  • Minimum Order: Contact for Details
  • Prepaid: $1,500

Interested in placing an order?

Contact our Universal Douglas sales representative today by calling 781-935-8500 or clicking the button below to fill out the form.