Yusen Associates works in conjunction with the Lutron electrical distribution team in order to provide the necessary light control products that technicians need to get the job done in both an aesthetically pleasing and safe way for their clients. Contact us to learn how we can help you today.

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Lutron is a technology-centered company with a deep history of smart innovations and significant growth. In the late 1950’s, Joel Spira, a young physicist obsessed with the aesthetic manipulation of light, worked to invent a device that would allow people to vary the intensity of light in their homes. At the time, lighting control was complicated and expensive; while dimmers were used in theaters, people would never consider using them in their homes. However, in 1959, Spira created a dimmer that replaced the light switch in a standard residential wall box. Spira’s dimmer also generated less heat and used less energy; it was a great success. By 1961, when the Spiras founded Lutron Electronics, they understood that lighting control was not only aesthetically pleasing, but energy-saving, as well.

In over 50 years of innovation, the Lutron lighting team has invented hundreds of devices and systems as they have expanded their product offerings from 2 to 15,000. Lutron leads the market in high-quality lighting controls for fluorescent, magnetic low-voltage, halogen incandescent, LED, and electronic low-voltage light sources. Furthermore, Lutron electrical products continuously acts as a leader in innovations in window shade technology for the control of daylight, as well as wired and wireless systems, to control both electric light and daylight simultaneously.

Lutron’s success is the result of its five guiding philosophies. First, Lutron is committed to taking care of their customers with superior goods and services. Second, Lutron is committed to growth and innovative development. Third, Lutron pledges to provide opportunities for all its employees so that they can fully develop their skills and abilities. Fourth, Lutron is dedicated to innovation with high quality products, and, finally, Lutron has pledged to deliver high value to all of its customers.

Lutron offers a vast array of electrical and lighting products for modern light control, such as stand-alone controls, sensors, single room controls, whole home systems, whole building systems, shading systems, lighting, and in-fixture technologies.

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